We know that packaged water isn’t cool, but we wanted you to show us why YOU think packaged water isn’t cool.

The truth is getting out about what plastics and pollution are doing to our water. From disposable packages and plastic patches swirling in the oceans and The Great Lakes, we are literally swimming in the stuff. Packaged water as a ‘healthy alternative’? We say no! It’s not cool to package our precious water into a waste container and throw it away after one-use to an already stressed planet

The votes are in from our #PackagedWaterIsntCool contest.

Congratulations to “Bottled Water is #OUTRAGEOUS”, the winner of 2 VIP tickets to Riverfest Elora.



Thank you to all our participants, voters and likers. We are ALL Wellington Water Watchers, and you all helped make this contest possible by spreading the word about packaged water.

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