— July 15, 2019 — by Aman Khan

New billboard aims to get the attention of the public as Wellington Water Watchers continues its fight against the water bottling giant

The Wellington Water Watchers unveiled a billboard Monday with a loud message in its fight against Nestlé Waters Canada.

“Water is for life, not for profit. Say no to Nestlé in Wellington County,” reads the billboard with an image of a young girl drinking tap water and a crossed-out plastic water bottle.

The billboard is just north of Nestlé’s bottling plant in Aberfoyle on 2162 Gordon St.

As Nestlé’s permit to pump 3.6 million litres of water per day in Aberfoyle is coming to end, they are expected to soon apply for its renewal.

The billboard aims to get the attention of the public so they can go directly to the Wellington Water Watcher’s website.

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