Time for Ontario to protect its water supplies

New Ontario guidelines regarding commercial water-bottling permits do not address the problems of protecting Ontario’s groundwater, reducing plastic waste and pollution and ensuring water is for life, not profit.

The revised guidelines make companies like Nestlé Waters Canada jump over more hurdles to renew their permits to take water. On their own, however, the guidelines will not significantly reduce or stop the bottling of Ontario’s precious water by multinational corporations such as Nestlé.

Nestlé Waters Canada is currently permitted to take more groundwater every single day than the average Ontarian uses in 70 years. The revised guidelines do nothing to change this.

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  1. I like clean, fresh tasting water. I don’t buy Nestle water because I don’t like its taste. I seldom bought any other brand of water since I really liked St. John’s, NL municipal water at least until other communities in my opinion got the best, cool water.
    Any ways I moved to Sarnia, ON in Sept. 2016 and was run off my feet boiling water and using water filters to remove the chlorine. It was a lost cause and I bought a water cooler in April. Some people say the old water pipes and the nearness to the water filtration plant determines if you have good water. The city says the water meets federal standards.

    I am writing you today as I just watched W5. Seeing Maude Barlow brought memories as I heard her speak in St. John’s probably 5 years ago. What can I do since some people here tolerate the chlorine or install a complete water system so even their showers are free of chlorine?

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