Hello to all wonderful Water Watcher Volunteers,

Our organization, from its very inception, has relied almost exclusively on volunteer support. This is a legacy we are proud of and wish to maintain throughout our entire incarnation as every person in this county who drinks water is a water watcher!

For National Volunteer Week 2015, we are celebrating you and the amazing work that’s been done already this year!

One of our goals as an organization is to be visible in our communities.  With your help we really made this happen during the month of March. We had volunteers who supported Water Week, helping at Water Wednesdays at four city libraries and with the Aqua Lauta machine in partnership with the City of Guelph. We were also involved with the Resilience Festival as we co-hosted the H2O GO Festival/Ecomarket that saw 1450 attendees! On World Water Day we screened the inspiring and thought-provoking film called “Aluna” and enjoyed some deep sharing on the significance of water in our own lives.

Volunteer Impacts

Aluna Screening

65 citizens were motivated and moved at our “Aluna” screening. This movie asks you to be mindful of your decisions that impact the next 7 generations.

Pedal Power

Hundreds tested their strength on the Aqua Lauta, a pedal–powered water filtration installation–one part bike, one part water filtration system. Fit and water-savvy!

H2O Go Festival

1450 people and hundreds of happy kids from Wellington County at the H2O GO Festival & Eco-Market; a family-friendly event celebrating water. We see water stewards in our future!

Water Wins Survey

Over 200 people in Wellington County completed the Water Wins survey to help us identify why water activism is important to you!

Climate Change Town Hall

Over 500 flyers distributed to Guelph residents to bring awareness of the Ministry of Environment’s Climate Change town hall and organizers so that citizens could voice their opinions on climate change.

Tree Planting – Rotary Club

500 people came out to the Rotary Club of Guelph’s Earth Day tree planting at Guelph Lake Conservation Area. We planted about 3000 trees!

We’ve also had many volunteers who have stepped up to investigate various water related issues. For example, issues regarding road salt or water softener use or the complex problems with microbeads and plastics in our waters and researching the Greenbelt and how we can incorporate our beautiful river corridors into this existing infrastructure – and much more. This research is essential to keeping up-to-date and informed on these many topics so that we can relay the best information through our website. Thanks for all the many hours of effort put into this good work!

A special thanks to Joan who assisted Arlene in the office this winter/spring.  We  miss our university volunteers when you are away over the summer.

A huge thank you from myself, Karen as your Volunteer Coordinator. Arlene also wishes to extend her sincere thanks for all your help and support past, present and future. Gratitude from the rest of the Wellington Water Watchers Board: Mike, Rob, Kathryn, Jessica and Leigh.

For our waters!