Six Nations youth organize Saturday event that attracts around 200

ABERFOYLE – Youth from Six Nations and members of the Wellington Water Watchers joined forces for a common cause Saturday.

Roughly 200 people protested outside the Nestle Waters water bottling plant and head office in Aberfoyle.

Protesters gathered at the nearby Puslinch Community Centre then marched down to the top of the long driveway leading to the water bottling here were speeches, spoken word performances, chanting and traditional songs were sung.

Makasa Looking Horse organized the event, which began earlier in the day at Six Nations.

“It’s important because Nestle is stealing the aquifer underneath us, taking 3.6 million litres of water without our permission,” she said.

“I care about it because it’s our future generation’s water, not a corporation’s water.”

Rob Case, chair of Wellington Water Watchers, said it is important to have other groups involved in the local fight.

“I think it shows that this is a pretty far-reaching, broad-based, kind of universal effort to organize and protect groundwater and keep it in the control of people. Putting people before profit,” Case said.

He said the majority of Six Nations homes don’t have clean water piped in to them, yet nearby Nestle is taking water for profit.

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