New MOECC Guidelines Do Not Ensure Water is for Life, not Profit!


Nestlé Waters Canada is currently permitted to take more groundwater every single day than the average Ontarian uses in 70 years and newly revised MOECC guidelines will do nothing to change this.

On Friday April 21 the Ministry of the Environment quietly released new guidelines about the permit to take water process. These new guidelines are in response to the more than 20,000 online submissions from November to January.

We are doing a comprehensive analysis of the forty-five page guideline document. But here is what we can tell you so far.

The new Ontario guidelines regarding commercial water-bottling permits do not address the problems of protecting Ontario’s groundwater, reducing plastic waste and pollution and ensuring water is for life, not profit.

The revised guidelines will extend public consultations on permit applications from one month to three, suggest better consultation with Indigenous communities, and urge stricter consideration of cumulative impacts. The guidelines also increase the fees that corporations pay for water permits.

The revised guidelines make companies like Nestlé Waters Canada jump over more hurdles to renew their permits to take water.  On their own, however, the guidelines will not significantly reduce or stop the bottling of Ontario’s precious water by multinational corporations such as Nestlé.

The Wellington Water Watchers will soon be making a public statement but we wanted to share this initial analysis with you first.

Now is the time for the public to demand that Premier Wynne announce a bold new policy to phase out, within ten years, permits to take water for bottling in Ontario.

Postcard Campaign – We have already organized people to send 5000 postcards with this demand to Premier Wynne. We are now working on distributing the next 5000!

Here are three ways you can help our postcard campaign.

  1. Hand out the postcard to family, friend and co-workers. Email us at and we will get cards to you.
  2. Volunteer to go to a farmer’s market in your community and hand out postcards. (We can help connect you to a farmer’s market in the community where you live).
  3. Take postcards to a meeting of an organization that you belong to, ask people to sign the postcards and return them to us fro mailing. Let us know the social justice organization, environmental organization, union, professional association, faith group, or any other organization you belong to and we will get postcards to you in time for your next meeting. Email us at

Another way you can help the campaign to Say No To Nestlé and to persuade Premier Kathleen Wynne to phase out permits to bottle water in Ontario is to make a donation here to cover costs of mailing postcards .

We have 327 postcards in the office today we gathered on the weekend. We will put an 85 cent stamp on each one and mail them to Premier Wynne at Queen’s Park.

$277.95 in donations will help us mail those cards. Please make a donation here and help us send those postcards to Premier Wynne.

Next campaign bulletin: Monday May 8.

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