The Wellington Water Watchers supports the campaign of G.E.T. Concerned to oppose the approval of Xinyi Canada Glass for a production facility that will extract 1.6 million litres of water per day from the same aquifer that the City of Guelph relies upon for its drinking water.

G.E.T. Concerned formed 14 weeks ago after discovering that the Guelph Eramosa Township Council was considering the application.

The first opportunity for the Guelph Eramosa Township Council to deny the Xinyi application will be on Monday July 16th.

Wellington Water Watchers encourages you to sign the petition of GET Concerned. The wording of the petition and a summary of the concerns about this application are below.

Guelph Eramosa Township Council has before them a Notice of Motion that calls on members of council to VOTE to “refuse” the Xinyi Glass application for a manufacturing plant based on a recognition that the proposed development does not comply with requirements set out in the township’s comprehensive zoning by-law.

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Petition language: On July 16, 2018, Guelph-Eramosa Township’s (GET) Mayor and Council must decline the Xinyi Canada Glass development application and uphold GET’s M1 Rural-Industrial Zoning By-law. The Xinyi application does not meet the “dry use” mandatory requirement of Zoning By-Law 40/2016 that specifies not significant water use or significant effluent by industry on an M1 zoned property site.

I support GET Concerned’s campaign to protect Guelph-Eramosa Township’s source groundwater and place my signature on this petition to tell Mayor Chris White and GET Councillors to uphold the existing Zoning By-law and decline the Xinyi Canada Glass development application. By signing this petition I understand that this document may be made public and the information may be subject to scrutiny of the township or public.

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  • 6 million litres of drinking water extracted DAILY from an at risk aquifer
  • This proposal will be in violation of GET bylaw zoning M1 “DRY” use 66% of this water will be evaporated during the manufacturing process Xinyi will not pay a cent for the water because they will have private wells which will be 600ft deep “Xinyi intends to drill several very deep wells, significantly deeper than existing private wells on the same aquifer that supplies water to residents of Guelph-Eramosa Township.” (Council of Canadians, July 4, 2018) “This mega-plant will use an estimated 70 per cent of the entire township’s present yearly water consumption.”
  • 2 Million sq ft/ heavy use Industrial building on 121 acres of land
  • Plant will be 7 stories high to accommodate machinery
  • 300 ft smoke stack – this height is equivalent to a 30 story building. Effluent will blow eastward towards City of Guelph and beyond.
  • On Site Housing/Dormitory requested (50 units) for foreign temporary workers to be located on County Roads 124 & 32

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  1. We are fighting nestle here in Mich. too. They are insidious, our farmers in that area do not have enough water yet they are asking to double their draw.

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