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Ontario’s Greenbelt Needs Your Help

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The Greenbelt is almost 2 million acres and growing. It is the largest protected greenbelt area in the world. And presently, it is at risk.

The Ontario Greenbelt is undergoing a ten-year provincial review. Some developers and the aggregate industry want to see the Greenbelt significantly reduced and restrictions lessened. But citizens can have their say. Until May 27, 2015 the Ontario government wants to hear from you.

Submit a comment about the Greenbelt directly to the Ministry.

We’ve done the work for you. Just copy and paste the italicized text below in the comment section of the government’s page for the Greenbelt review, and complete your personal information.

The particular section in the EBR Registry that you wish to comment upon is No: 012-3256. Complete the portion of the form that asks for your contact information and if you wish, use the following in the body of the comment box:

Please protect Ontario nature, farmland, drinking water and climate.


• Protect natural areas, wildlife and farmland from poorly planned development. New highways and infrastructure should be kept out of the Greenbelt

• Stop sprawl from eating up nature and farms in the Greenbelt

• Ensure that Ontario has a food belt by supporting local farmers and the access to local food. With the growing threats from climate change it will be critical that Ontario can produce enough food to feed its citizens

• Say no to the Pickering airport

• Protect clean water resources by banning the dumping of contaminated soil on Greenbelt land or other agricultural land and near any water system

• Ensure that any contaminated soil by tracking it from construction sites and having it cleaned before it is dumped in the Greenbelt.

• Expand the Greenbelt: loss of natural areas and farmland accelerate the impacts of climate change. Expanding the Greenbelt will help to mitigate this

• Ensure that municipalities comply with the Greenbelt Plan

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You can also sign a petition with Environmental Defense website which is submitted directly to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

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