Local Citizens Organizations Call an Emergency Meeting to Express Concerns and Implications of Nestlé’s proposed ‘voluntary levy’ in the Town of Erin

April 11, 2017

The Town of Erin – Wellington County — Concerned residents of Erin and Hillsburgh, along with Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) are raising the alarm about Nestlé Waters proposed ‘voluntary levy’ that will tie the Town of Erin to profits made from selling and exporting local water, setting a dangerous and lasting precedent.


Full Moon Water Blessing Explores a Peruvian Water Despatcho

April 11, 2017 – Elora, Ontario

People gathered at the Awareness Yoga Studio, on the bank of the Grand River in Elora last Sunday to experience the magic of a Peruvian Water Despatcho. Led by Fiona Rattray and Linda Ludwig of Red and White Carnations, and co-hosted by Save Our Water and Wellington Water Watchers, the despatcho was an opportunity for guests to reflect on the value and meaning of water in our everyday life.


Orangeville Banner: “Chefs, musicians, activists set to launch Say No to Nestlé campaign, prepare for Waterstock”

“More than half a decade removed from Foodstock, celebrity chefs, musicians, artists and activists are reuniting to launch Waterstock as part of a local advocacy group’s Say No to Nestlé campaign.

Waterstock, which will be held at [updated: Erin Fairgrounds in Erin, Ontario] on June 11, follows in the tradition of Foodstock and Soupstock events, which mobilized public opposition and ultimately stopped The Highland Companies’ mega-quarry plan in Melancthon.”

Read the full article by Chris Halliday at the Orangeville Banner


​​​Water: A Sacred Gift. Released by Regional Faith Leaders Today

Bottled Water Free Day

A powerful statement entitled Water: A Sacred Gift was released by regional faith leaders today, to coincide with Bottled Water Free Day in Canada.

Bishop Michael Bird & Bishop Linda Nicholls, (Anglican Diocese); Bishop Douglas Crosby, (Catholic Diocese); Bishop Michael Pryse, (Evangelical Lutheran Church); President Gordon Dunbar, (Hamilton Conference United Church) joined together to declare that “More and more the forces of our society seek to treat water as a commodity for profit rather than a sacred gift for life.”


570News: “Wellington Water Watchers use valentine to grab attention of Guelph MPP”

They’ve held an event so that Guelph residents can make their voices heard to MPP Liz Sandals.

The group holds a monthly Full Moon Water Blessing, each hosted by a different organization and in a different location in Wellington County.

This month, they took to city hall in Guelph getting signatures on a massive valentine, and giving out smaller ones for people to fill out with quotes such as “Dear Liz Sandals, we love water, tell me you love water too and say no to Nestle. Be True. Don’t meet Nestle lobbyists.”

Read the full article by Lindsay Grisebach at 570News.com.