​​​Water: A Sacred Gift. Released by Regional Faith Leaders Today

Bottled Water Free Day

A powerful statement entitled Water: A Sacred Gift was released by regional faith leaders today, to coincide with Bottled Water Free Day in Canada.

Bishop Michael Bird & Bishop Linda Nicholls, (Anglican Diocese); Bishop Douglas Crosby, (Catholic Diocese); Bishop Michael Pryse, (Evangelical Lutheran Church); President Gordon Dunbar, (Hamilton Conference United Church) joined together to declare that “More and more the forces of our society seek to treat water as a commodity for profit rather than a sacred gift for life.”


570News: “Wellington Water Watchers use valentine to grab attention of Guelph MPP”

They’ve held an event so that Guelph residents can make their voices heard to MPP Liz Sandals.

The group holds a monthly Full Moon Water Blessing, each hosted by a different organization and in a different location in Wellington County.

This month, they took to city hall in Guelph getting signatures on a massive valentine, and giving out smaller ones for people to fill out with quotes such as “Dear Liz Sandals, we love water, tell me you love water too and say no to Nestle. Be True. Don’t meet Nestle lobbyists.”

Read the full article by Lindsay Grisebach at 570News.com.


Centre Wellington Council rejects a water partnership with Nestlé Waters Canada!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

CENTRE WELLINGTON – From day one, the Township has actively pursued its strategic priority of ensuring long term water sustainability for current and future growth requirements. This was confirmed during Council on Monday, January 23 when Councillors voted unanimously to pass a resolution THAT;

The Council of the Township of Centre Wellington directs staff to advise Nestlé Waters Canada that it has no interest in pursuing the unsolicited proposal set out in its September 30, 2016 draft letter, not engaging in any discussions with Nestlé related to the potential operation of a water bottling facility in the Township of Centre Wellington, …


No Fee Increase Will Bring Our Water Back!

January 21, 2017

Guelph-Wellington – On Wednesday January 18, 2017, The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) announced a proposed fee change to the Permit-To-Take-Water (PTTW) regulations for the bottled water industry. Up until now, the industry has paid the standard fee of $3.71 for every million litres taken. The proposed increase suggests the fee should be $503.71 per million litres commencing August 1, 2017.

The Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) has been consistent in our message that no fee change is going to deter this industry whose profit margins are so enormous that no impact will be felt by such a fee increase.