On Monday November 27th, Nestlé will pump the one billionth litre of water since the permit for the Aberfoyle well expired last year on July 31st , 2016. This translates to Nestlé producing hundreds of millions of single use 500 ml plastic bottles in just over a year, the vast majority of which wind up in landfill or as litter.

This is in addition to the billions of litres of water Nestlé has pumped from the Aberfoyle and Hillsburgh wells in the last ten years.

All of this – extracting precious groundwater, selling it for private profit and spoiling the earth and oceans with plastic – has to stop!

Even worse, Nestlé wants to expand this environmental catastrophe with a proposal to take water from the Middlebrook well in the Township of Centre Wellington.

Save Our Water, Wellington Water Watchers, and Council of Canadians are jointly organizing a Rally and March to Say No To Nestle, on Sunday November 26. The Rally will begin at 12:45 at 7259 Middlebrook Road in Centre Wellington.

Join us for the rally and then march to the site of the Middlebrook well. Local residents will release a letter to Premier Wynne calling on her government to say No! to the Middlebrook well as part of a commitment to phase out permits to take water for bottling in Ontario.


RSVP here for the Rally and March to Say No To Nestle!



If you are unable to attend the rally and march please consider making a donation to Wellington Water Watchers here.

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