Erin Water Rocks Image

Kudos to the Erin Water Rockers! Let’s Give Them Our Support.

Calling themselves the Water Rockers, grade 6 students at Erin Public School have been working tirelessly to protect their local water supply, to reduce plastic waste, and to promote public tap water in their town.

Last year the Water Rockers convince 100% of downtown store-owners in Erin, Ontario to join the Blue W program and serve as refilling venues for customers carrying reusable water bottles (see ‘Water Rockers’ promote Blue W program). Over the past two years, the Erin Water Rockers have overseen the installation of water bottle refilling stations in their school, enabling 90% of the school’s students and staff to forgo single-serve, disposable plastic bottles in favour of reusable ones.

But the Water Rockers are not stopping there. From now until June 1, 2015, the Erin Water Rockers are looking to raise $5,000 in donations from people like you for more bottling refilling stations in public venues in Erin and for future Water Rockers projects in the community.

For information and to donate now, go here.