As the clock ticks down on Ontario’s provincial election, some of the candidates may find themselves in hot water over calls to keep water in the hands of Ontario residents, and out of the hands of big corporations.

A campaign by the non-profit Wellington Water Watchers — endorsed by Greenpeace Canada — is urging Premier Kathleen Wynne to “establish policy and regulations that phase out the bottled water industry in Ontario.” The group is collecting endorsements for the campaign from MPPs and candidates, and highlighting them on its Facebook page.

In January last year, Wynne’s government placed a two-year moratorium on water extraction permits after food and beverage titan Nestlé bought a well in the southern Ontario village of Elora, inside Wellington County. The move triggered outcry from county residents, who want to keep well as their future drinking water source.

While the moratorium period has been counting down from Jan. 1, 2017, Nestlé and other water bottling companies with previous permits have been allowed to extract 7.6 million litres of water daily across the province.

According to Greenpeace Canada, the extraction has got to stop.

“Bottling water for profit in single-use plastic bottles that are designed to be used for minutes, and then pollute for centuries, is an irresponsible business practice and it needs to end now,” said Greenpeace campaigner Farrah Khan in an email to National Observer. …

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