Wellington Water Watchers and Saveourwater.ca have partnered and formed The Aquifer Defence Fund. This fund is designed to raise much needed funds to be used for technical advice and other professional support required in order to put forth a high quality evaluation of technical data and argument for having the potential Permit to take Water application by Nestle Waters.

Nestle Waters Canada in the process of evaluating the well for purchase and intends to apply for 1.6M litres of water per day which would give them a total of 6.4M litres of water a day. Without these much needed funds, our ability to mount a strong defence will be compromised.

Our fine work in this area over the years has been completed mostly by goodwill and determination but we need your financial support for specific and focused expertise assistance. Please give whatever you can and inform your friends and family.


Your donation to the Aquifer Defence Fund Your will allow us to:

  • Conduct independent technical studies

  • Contract legal expertise

  • Sound the alarm around communities when water is threatened

Your gift will ensure we can continue to defend our aquifer diligently and effectively. We’ve accomplished a lot so far – but the fight against water bottling, contamination from gravel extraction and other activities is only just starting.

Please give generously now so that together we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge.

Make us stronger. Make us more powerful. And let’s defend our waters together.

Specific threats we are preparing for now:  

  • Elora, Ontario: Nestlé Waters is looking to add the Middlebrook well to its portfolio of water-taking wells in the county. (Permit application currently under review at Ministry of Environmental. Environment Bill of Rights Registry Number:  012-4935)
  • Aberfoyle, Ontario: There will be an application to extend Nestlé’s water-taking in spring 2016. (Current permit expires July 2016. PTTW# 1381-95ATPY)
  • Hillsburgh, Ontario: There will be an application to extend Nestlé’s water-taking. (Current permit expires August 31, 2017. PTTW# 3716-8UZMCU).
  • Guelph, Ontario: Dolime Quarry’s application to accelerate water-pumping and aggregate removal (currently under review, while quarrying continues).