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Write a letter!! A Key Part of the Process!

It’s time, once again, for individual residents to write letters stating objections to the Hidden Quarry proposal. Of course, CRC will be making in-depth, formal comments as well.

Although Guelph Eramosa Township is very familiar with our concerns, Wellington County is only now getting to know us for the first time, so your letters are essential to show them the depth of concern so many of us feel and to require that they keep you informed.

What’s new? JDCL has applied again to re-zone the Hidden Quarry site under the new GET Zoning Bylaw. This time, however, the company has also made an application to amend the Wellington County Official Plan which is now required to permit rezoning of the site for aggregate extraction.

For more information and to take action, check out the CRC’s January Newsletter.

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