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Congratulations to all Wellington Water Watchers!


The Wynne government has heard us and is responding. This is great news and we deserve to celebrate together!


We are encouraged by the recent announcement by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) of its intent to overhaul the permit to take water process, particularly as it pertains to the packaged water sector.


The 2-year moratorium on new permits of this kind is a big step. It means there is no possibility of a pump test at the Middlebrook well until January 2019! The Aberfoyle renewal is also now on hold until there are new regulations in place.


Points worth acknowledging in the current proposal:


    • It will lead directly to stricter policies and regulations for the water bottling industry
    • It acknowledges that parts of the province targeted for population growth have concerns related to future water security
    • It recognizes the impacts of climate change on our water resources
    • It acknowledges the need to prioritize water taking uses
    • It acknowledges that Ontario’s groundwater needs to be better understood so that it can be effectively protected.

But this current proposal has not gone far enough. There are several important pieces missing.


It is possible to deny Nestlé more water and to have current permits turned down for renewal – and it has happened where communities fought really hard to get government to listen to the people and not listen to Nestlé. But this is not just about one corporation’s insatiable demand for our water, it is also about strengthening provincial regulations in order to help protect water across this beautiful province.


Now is the opportunity to have your voice heard to safeguard our precious water.


Please take a moment to craft your comment to Kathleen Wynne on what changes you want to see in the revamped permitting process and to show your support for the proposed moratorium.


It is important that your comments express your own opinion, but it might be helpful to review the points listed below and include those that resonate most with you when drafting your submission. Follow the links for more detailed information.


  1. Water is For Life, Not for Profit.
  2. Adopt an ecosystem approach.
  3. Consider cumulative effects.
  4. Apply and honour the pre-cautionary principle.
  5. Prioritize community use over industry use.
  6. Align permit deadlines within watersheds.
  7. Set fees to recover full costs.
  8. Require independent third party, peer reviewed science.
  9. Require returnable, reusable beverage bottles.
  10. Account for any extensions of an expired permit.
  11. Weight municipal comments more heavily.
  12. Require periodic review of Water Management Program.
  13. Phase out this sunset industry and provide employment transition support for all employees.
  14. Evaluate impacts on current and future generations.
  15. Improve access to safe, clean, reliable public water.
  16. Consult with Treaty holders.

View the draft proposal (Registry Number 012-8783) on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry here


See our FAQ Page


See our Backgrounder


(Commenting closed on December 1, 2016.)


Or by email to: moecc.waterpolicy@ontario.ca


Or in writing here:


Leo Luong
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Climate Change and Environmental Policy Division
Land and Water Policy Branch
135 St. Clair Avenue West
Floor 6
Toronto Ontario
M4V 1P5
Phone: (416) 314-4708
Fax: (416) 326-0461

Nestlé Waters Canada has been in the business of extracting water for profit from Wellington county for over 15 years. We believe  that Water is for Life, Not for Profit. We honour our waters as a commons, not a commodity to be bought and sold on the world market.

Too much has already been taken from Aberfoyle. Too much has been taken from their Hillsburgh well. Now Nestlé is vying for a third well near Elora on Middlebrook Rd. Enough is ENOUGH. We are in solidarity with all those around the globe who are standing together to say NO to corporate profiteering from this life giving source – our precious water.

Nestlé Waters Canada recently submitted their application to renew their Permit-To-Take-Water in Aberfoyle for an additional 10 years.

Enough is ENOUGH.

Tell Kathleen Wynne to say NO to Nestlé.

We will be requesting no more than a two year permit in Aberfoyle in order to assist a phase out of this permit and will also will be requesting no new well at Middlebrook.

Our technical advisor, Dr. Hugh Whiteley has observed that the most recent Annual Report showed that the average water level in the Middle Gasport aquifer that supplies the Nestlé production well has declined about 1.5 m from 2011 to 2015 while Nestlé’s water taking increased 33 % over the same period. This decline in water level is suggestive of a disturbance of the equilibrium between aquifer recharge and water discharge from the aquifer.

Nestle Enough is Enough infographic

How can you help

Tell Kathleen Wynne to say NO to Nestle!

1Contact the Premier right now. Tell Kathleen Wynne to say NO to Nestlé’s applications for water taking in Aberfoyle and Elora. Email, call and write a letter and tell everyone you know who drinks water to do the same.

See contact details

Take our survey

3Tie a blue ribbon on your tree to show that you support “Water for Life, Not Profit”. Register here and we will bring you one – OR – You can get a blue ribbon at the following locations (suggested donation of $5):

The Guelph Farmer’s Market, Saturday 7-12.
10 Carden, Guelph, front desk, Monday-Friday 9-5
The Elora Farmer’s Market
the Fountainhead, Fergus
Santé in Elora
Ashanti in Elora
Awareness Yoga Studio in Elora
– Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph

– and a growing list of business who wish to support this campaign (please contact us if you would be willing to help as a distribution site – wellingtonwaterwatchers@gmail.com)

Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to tie one on!



Please share these 3 simple requests with everyone you know. Together we can stop this corporate profiteering of our precious water.

Support the Cause

Wellington Water Watchers are committed to working with the local community and beyond, but we need your support both financially and as volunteers.