Wellington Water Watchers is a non-profit organization founded in 2007. We are an organization primarily run by volunteer citizens from Guelph-Wellington who are committed to the protection of local water and to educating the public about threats to the watershed.

Our organization rests upon three pillars: Educate. Advocate. Celebrate.

The following are some of our key initiatives:

Believing in preservation

not just conservation. Our local ecosystems must be protected for the well being of all future generations

Applying precautionary principle

proving no harm, beyond doubt, when engaged in projects that could be harmful to our water resources

Seeking constructive engagement

with those who affect local water policy, and accountability from corporations

Promoting tap water

as a healthy and environmentally preferable alternative to packaged water

Community Educator

Wellington Water Watchers has become known as community educator through visits to almost every school in Wellington County presenting on the importance of water conservation. We are continually requested as speakers or panel debate members at events around our community including at the University of Guelph. We are often called on by the media for our input – media at municipal, provincial and federal levels. We have hosted many educational events within our county sponsoring renowned guest speakers on a wide range of topics related to water protection.

Community Collaborator

In order for people to feel connected to our water sources, we need to engage our community in regular and fun celebrations of gratitude to our waters. The Wellington Water Watchers annually hosts the Two Rivers Festival Celebration event at the boathouse. We also partner with the City of Guelph to host the annual H2O GO Festival on World Water Day and annually host H2Awesome, engaging our youth in a celebration and learning of water. We were also the initial motivators behind the idea of serving free tap water at events around the County, including Hillside Festival and most recently at Riverfest Elora.

Groundwater Watchdog

As watchdogs of our precious groundwater, we keep a close ear to the ground for any potential threats, and ensure there is a voice for source water protection. The Wellington Water Watchers initially formed around the issue at the quarry formerly known as DoLime, and many years later, we still are the voice keeping this issue from designation on a back burner. Our work to protect groundwater from unnecessary exploitation and commodification has struck a nerve and people of all walks of life question the industry of packaged water. Ontario citizens are privileged in that we are entitled to submit a response to the ministry of the Environment (MOE) on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) when there is a request for or renewal of a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) – a process which we help streamline, when a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) application or renewal bid threatens to undermine the safety of our groundwater.