Five Days until Waterstock Daily tip – Food and Drink at Waterstock

How does the food work at Waterstock?
Food tickets are only $5 each! That means that for only $20, you can try food from 4 different chefs!

Please remember to bring your own plates and eating utensils!

There will be rinse stations on site for you to rinse your dishes before heading home.

Bring your own reusable drinking vessel to Waterstock. There will be free water available on site for everyone in attendance! Just remember, your container has to be empty when you come through the front gate!

How does alcohol service work at Waterstock?

  • Alcohol: Beer, cider and wine will be available!
  • Alcohol Tickets will be $5 each

Bring your reusable 14oz festival mug from past Riverfest or Hillside festivals. All alcohol will be served in these mugs. If you don’t have one, one can be purchased for $5 at the ticket booth and you get to take it home with you!