“Time for Ontario to protect its water supplies” – Mike Nagy & Maude Barlow in The Record

New Ontario guidelines regarding commercial water-bottling permits do not address the problems of protecting Ontario’s groundwater, reducing plastic waste and pollution and ensuring water is for life, not profit.

The revised guidelines make companies like Nestlé Waters Canada jump over more hurdles to renew their permits to take water. On their own, however, the guidelines will not significantly reduce or stop the bottling of Ontario’s precious water by multinational corporations such as Nestlé.

Nestlé Waters Canada is currently permitted to take more groundwater every single day than the average Ontarian uses in 70 years. The revised guidelines do nothing to change this.

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Say No to Nestlé Campaign Update – Waterstock (June 11, Erin Fairgrounds) could be a tipping point

In 3 days we begin the one month countdown to Waterstock. Did you see the announcement that Jim Cuddy and a stellar line up of musicians are going to entertain everyone? Michael Stadtlander and an equally stellar line up of chefs are going to feed us. There will be craft beer, local wine, and of course water to quench our thirst. All this for a $10 ticket!

And most important …. this is a political event. Waterstock is the rallying point to send a strong message to Premier Wynne to protect our water against corporate control and exploitation.