Clean drinking water is our inheritance. You can’t put a price on it.

Wellington Water Watchers is dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of drinking water in Guelph and Wellington County. Our organization rests upon three pillars: Educate. Advocate. Celebrate. Learn more about your water, and how you can help protect its quality.

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Winner of the “Packaged Water Isn’t Cool” Contest

We know that packaged water isn’t cool, but we wanted you to show us why YOU think packaged water isn’t cool. The truth is getting out about what plastics and pollution are doing to our water. From disposable packages and plastic patches swirling in the oceans and The Great Lakes, we are literally swimming in…


Save Our Water Canada Day Parade

WWW Supports ‘Save our Water’ Walk at Canada Day Parade in Elora

On Wednesday, July 1st, Friends of Elora and Wellington Water Watchers participated in the Elora Canada Day Parade with a “Water Walk” to celebrate Elora’s water which is currently under threat by Nestle’s proposal to purchase the Middlebrook well.  The Wellington Advertiser published an editorial about the Water Walk in the parade: “Not the time…


Win 2 VIP Tickets to Riverfest

Win 2 VIP Tickets to Riverfest Elora

Note: This contest has ended. Check out the winning video here. WWW presents the “Packaged Water Isn’t Cool” video contest. We know that packaged water isn’t cool, but we want you to show us why YOU think packaged water isn’t cool. The prize for the video with the highest number of votes is 2 VIP…


Believing in preservation

not just conservation. Our local ecosystems must be protected for the well being of all future generations

Applying precautionary principle

proving no harm, beyond doubt, when engaged in projects that could be harmful to our water resources

Promoting tap water

as a healthy and environmentally preferable alternative to packaged water

Seeking constructive engagement

with those who affect local water policy, and accountability from corporations